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What is the best way to clean wood floors?

House looks attractive when freshly enhanced. Walls are freshly painted, beautiful shiny new hardwood floors have been installed and the furnishings have just been removed from their packaging. But cleaning can be an effort to protect the look of a young abode. For the best method to tidy wood floorings, pay particular attention to all the little points that can plain its charm in time. If they’re not maintained, they can accumulate dirt and grime, in addition to scratches that bring about a detriment to the flooring’s coating. Here’s how to clean your hardwood floors guide by Getcleaningdone:

how to clean hardwood floors


Nonreusable dust towels or a soft microfiber dusting pad will certainly prevent dirt and fragments that can lead to

Scratches on the floor’s surface. Vacuum cleaners’ beater rug accessories could create dents in tough stories, so vacuum cleaner making use of only a single floor accessory or take advantage of an electric broom. When cleaning, remember to get inside holes by baseboards and in your room’s corners; make use of the hose attachment to gain access to these locations, which tend to catch dust.

Various rooms in the home require different frequencies and styles of cleansing. Expressly in high-traffic areas, such as entrances, hallways and the kitchen area, the most efficient way to clean wood floorings includes sweeping and also cleaning at least as soon as every day. Mop these actual locations a minimum of as soon as a week also. Other areas can be brushed up a few days throughout the week to keep dirt and dust from developing, and mopped much less often. Choosing the best steam mop for hardwoodfFloors by getcleaningdone.


Water, vinegar as well as ammonia can harm wood floorings as well as home furnishings, inning accordance with Mary Ellen Pinkham at Today House. More newly sealed floors ought to not be cleaned with a trickling wipe. Not only could sprinkle harm a timber flooring, yet it does not succeed when attempting to tidy up dirt and grime on its own. The acid from vinegar or ammonia, even if watered down, could plain the flooring’s surface because of etching.

The very best way to tidy wood floors is by using a damp wipe in addition to a Cleaning Product made primarily to maintain wood. Follow instructions when thinning down the item with water to produce your cleansing remedy. After taking the wipe out of the pail of treatment, make certain to wring it out to ensure that no fluid is passing and the mop is only active, and regularly clean towards the grain of the timber.

For particularly filthy locations, you’ll go through remedy more quickly; be prepared to empty an unclean bucket and replenish it with a brand-new tidy mixture. Pay particular focus on hardened dirt by carefully scrubbing places by hand with a towel if necessary.


Problem spots, scratches as well as various other lone stains can originate from heel marks, water and also pets. Much better Residences As well as Gardens suggests making use of light steel woven as well as floor wax as great ways to clean hardwood floors when taking care of these kinds of issues. Making use of the steel wool, polish the flooring wax right into the area to scrub it out.

For particularly persistent dark areas, meticulously location bleach onto the spot and let it sit for an hour to saturate, then make use of a moist towel with water and also cleaner to wash. Remember that the bleach may get rid of finish as well, so you’ll need to sand as well as discolor to blend the section with the remainder of the flooring.

When dealing with increased or deep stains, sand the area with a fine sandpaper to smooth the damaged wood. Then retouch the bare flooring with a matching stain and also safety finishing to mix with the rest of your floor’s surface.

A tiny chip in a slab can be conveniently repaired making use of timber filler. Take advantage of a colored wood filler that matches the finish of the flooring. Fill out the chip to ensure that the pad rests a little above flooring degree. Allow it completely dry and after sand the filler to blend it with the floor. Round off the repair work with a couple of coats of a protective finish.


Prevention can be the very best way to clean wood floors. Door mats both inside and beyond access to the residence will certainly help maintain dirt from getting tracked in. Whenever possible, as well as site visitors, leave their footwears at the door. Floor guards, as well as coasters, need to be very carefully put under furnishings too; this prevents gouging and scraping when removing chairs or moving furnishings when cleansing. Area rugs must remain on their initial unique flooring extra padding to ensure that the carpet doesn’t trigger scratches when it moves.

Along with the hardwood floors, maintain your whole residence as well as its designs just as tidy, so that your initiatives are visible from cellar to the bedroom.

Hardwood Flooring Dos and Don’ts

There are some general best practices for cleaning all types of hardwood floors. Here are a few of the most important things to remember when it comes to maintaining the beauty and integrity of your floor.

1. Clean Spills Immediately:

Moisture is a hardwood floor’s worst enemy.

Some substances can harden as they dry and become veyr difficult to remove and may even stain the floor.

Make sure if you have kids the importance of cleaning up spills or letting you know so you can take care of it.

If you have a major spill, one of the most important things to do is get the area dry as soon as possible.

A small heater or fan can do a lot to improve drying time. The longer your floor has moisture, the greater the overall damage and floor buckling you can experience.

2. Avoid Wet Mopping or Steam Moping:

If there is one thing that wood hates – it’s water because it dulls the finish or worst case it damages wood.

So avoid wet mopping and even steam cleaning.

3. Mop Or Sweep Daily:

A light sweeping or dusting will help you avoid having to mop your floor.

If you don’t regularly sweep there is a risk of sand, soil, dust and other contaminants scratching the surface.

These types of debris can act like sandpaper and eventually scraping the protective coating and dulling the surface.

4. Paste Wax Offers More Protection:

If you have a hardwood floor that needs wax, it is important to remember that paste wax is thicker and lasts longer.

Liquid wax is easier to apply, but you will need to do so more often.

Waxes are commonly available at any supermarket or hardware store. Make sure to use a clean or new mop to apply waxes.

Any dirt and debris in your mop can quickly become part of the finish if you are careless.

Make sure to use the recommended product for your home’s hardwood finish.

For instance homes with wax-finished hardwood will need solvent-based waxes, buffing pastes or cleaning liquid formulated for such.

5. Don’t Over Wax:

The National Wood Flooring Association advises against over-waxing saying that doing this will cause wax build-up.

If your wax floor becomes dull try to buff them instead but if buffing does not work then it may be time to apply wax.

6. Check Rugs:

Some rugs leave marks or stains on hardwood floors. If there are signs of this, make sure to replace rugs or put a rug mat under them that will prevent the problem from getting any worse.

Make sure to clean any dirt trapped underneath rugs. The last thing you want is dirt under rugs scratching hardwood without you knowing it.

And don’t hesitate to replace worn rugs if they cost more trouble.

7. Be Careful With Abrasives:

For spot treatments, using fine sandpaper (or polish) and floor wax is okay but avoid using it often.

Any cleaner that is abrasive is going to wear down the finish of your floor and make it duller.

Avoid using scrub pads and abrasive mops because these can damage and dull the finish. It would be better to use a microfiber mop to dry mop or a vacuum with a soft roller cleaner head such as a Dyson V8 to remove dirt.

8. Use High-Quality Cleaners And Supplies:

A hardwood floor is a beautiful luxury that will provide a lot of satisfaction and service over the years.

It is essential to protect your investment by using quality cleaners.

Why have an expensive hardwood floor if you are going to use the cheapest and lower quality cleaners.

9. Beware Of Harsh Cleaners:

Vinegar is not okay to use on hardwood because it’s too acidic and will ruin the finish of your floor.

Ammonia is another cleaner that you’d want to avoid because it can dull hardwood.

High pH cleaners like like liquid soap may be good for dissolving grime but it strips away woods natural oils and will eventually dull the finish.

Don’t use products designed for tile or vinyl.

These products will cloud the surface, making it slippery and will eventually require sanding and refinishing to correct.

Libman makes an affordable hardwood floor concentrate that is widely available.

10. Put Stick-on Felt Protectors Under Furniture:

One of the biggest culprits of scuffing and scratches on hardwood are furniture legs. Protect your investment by putting stick-on felt protectors on furniture legs to protect hardwood from scratches and marring.

Replace these regularly if it accumulates dirt and dust as this can be another source of scratches.

11. Avoid Pushing Furniture:

If you need to move furniture avoid pushing it because it’ll leave a nasty scratch.

Call a buddy instead and pick up the furniture instead.

12. High Heels and Sports Cleats are a No-no:

Avoid walking hardwood on high heels or sports cleats as this can mar, scratch and even dent the surface.

According to the NWFA a 125-pound woman wearing high heels with exposed heel nail can exert as much as 8,000 pounds per square inch.

How to cleaning wood floors after carpeting is removed?

Much will depend on the condition of the wood. First, get up all the dust. You need a strong vacuum for this. Use the crevice tool to clean between the boards. Next, use a hardwood floor cleaner and follow the directions carefully. Do NOT use water. If there are areas that do not look nice, use an area rug there or even a piece of furniture to cover the spot.

If you plan to enjoy the natural wood, do use area rugs and throw rugs in areas of high traffic and in front of seatings. Door ways get the most wear so you may want to put a runner rug through the doorway. I have seen some fantastic rugs at thrift stores.

Can Windex and water clean hardwood floors?

Clean your hardwood floors with water. I bought a mop with a wide head and a microfiber cover. I wet the cover, wring it out, put it on the mop and clean my hardwood floors with water only. I carry a spray bottle of water with me as I go. When the mop appears to be drying out, I mist the floor with water and keep going. Unless your floors are absolutely filthy, you can keep them clean without any chemicals at all. On the rare occasion that my floors need additional help, I use Bruce Hardwood Floor Cleaner.

How do you get scuff marks off hardwood floors?

Try the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. I’m a realtor and use Magic Erasers for all kinds of touch-ups, scuff marks on floors, ink or crayon on walls, wood furniture, outdoor toys, even everyday cleaning. My little guy got a hold of a black sharpie and created a “mural” on my desk in my home office and viola, gone. There was no trace of it. It’s worth a try.